Training Dog Treats Give dogs perfect training treats they'll love
Training Dog Treats
Endless chewing fun with our training dog snacks. Our products are loved by dogs and dog trainers. They have a strong flavour and scent which is great for holding dogs attention. They are fun to give and they are a great way to reward and reinforce good behaviour. Antos Biscuits are an extra special reward for man’s best friend. Dogs can be spoiled on a daily basis with our delicious range of exquisite biscuits. Our biscuits are made with pure and wholesome ingredients that have been carefully selected for quality and nutrition. The Antos semi-moist programme offers a rich diversity of shapes and flavours. There are Mini Bones, Rolls, Jerkey Strips, Nogaas® and Hearts in large and small sizes. In short: Antos has a suitable treat for every dog!
Training Dog Treats
Semi-Moist Discover our products

The best dog training treats are small, soft and something your dog really enjoys. High-value treats can really help keep your dog's attention. Our soft dog treats are particularly juicy and easy to chew making them the ideal treat for young puppies, senior dogs or those with sensitive stomachs. Jerkey Strips Light bring simple nutrition to your dog’s treat time. Reward your canine with these delicious soft meat strips, perfect for all dogs and light chewers. Lower in fat and with chicken meat as first ingredient these treats are full of flavour. Our sugar-free treats contain added vitamin D3 and vitamin E, and biotin for a healthy skin and shiny coat. Antos Rolls Beef are delicious treats for dogs, made from quality ingredients and a high level of meat (20% beef). These sugar-free treats are healthy training treats with a very strong flavour. Dogs will taste the difference. The soft rolls allow easy breaking for training and rewarding. Give your furry friend something special with our Buddies Venison. These sugar-free treats are the perfect treat to go walking with your dog. These little treats are just the right size for rewarding dogs for a job well done. Dogs will jump for joy with these bite-sized venison treats. Our Super Bones are made with the perfect combination of texture, taste and nutrition all in a soft reward. Keep things deliciously simple with Super Bones Duck&Pomegranate. Using a simple recipe for sensitive dogs the single-protein treats are made with key ingredients. This recipe starts with real meat first and features potato starch, tapioca starch and fruits. These grain-free, gluten-free and sugar-free treats serve as an excellent option for dogs with certain sensitivities.
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