Natural Dog Snacks Back to nature
Natural Dog Snacks
Give dogs the delicious flavour he or she loves with these all-natural snacks that are dried and lightly smoked to help enhance the chewing experience. Help dog satisfy his or her natural urge to chew with these honest and delicious meat snacks. A large range of hypoallergenic snacks with an irresistible aroma as tripe, ears and cow hide for dogs of all sizes. A natural and complete basis for an active and vital life.
Natural Dog Snacks
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Dogs will love the Antos Cow Hooves. These single-ingredient natural Hooves are trimmed for a nice, clean look and roasted to provide long lasting enjoyment. They are free of any additives, preservatives or colourings. The Hooves Meaty are a double tasty treat, made from the same natural cow hooves and stuffed with a tasty meat filling. Safe, natural and a delicious chew full of amazing flavour. They are chews that will keep you dog busy and happy for a long time. Besides they are effective at helping to clean the dogs’ teeth and gums. Add some excitement to your dog’s daily routine with high quality meat products. Great for tough chewers, these Natural Hooves with Sheep Fat are low in fat and made with no additives. The tasty filling make these chews extra special to spoil your best friend. These 100% natural chews are great to chew every day.
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Trustworthy products and stable brands that prove their value. We attach a lot of value to quality and safety. Our products are continuously improved to make them even better. Safer, tastier and healthier, for animals, our surroundings and the world around us. Balanced and consistently deliverable treats and chews. Antos®, Bellow®, Cerea®, ChickenD'light®, Nogaas® and PrimaDonna® have been staple parts of the supplies of many pet shops, gardening centres, retailers and veterinarian centres.
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