Raw Hide Dog Chews All dogs love to chew, give them the best!
Raw Hide Dog Chews
Rawhide is a natural chew, and will help to control plaque and tartar build up, promoting your dog’s dental health. They are a natural way to satisfy dogs instinctive urge to chew, which can reduce destructive behavior. Rawhide made from the best cattle in the world! Thailand Premium is made from the highest quality of cattle, is 100% natural and free of chemical substances. Premium Hide acts as a pure, natural and completely digestible chew for dogs. They are long lasting treats that provide hours of fun and entertainment for dogs. The tissue is tough and solid and the chewing action on the hide is an effective method of keeping your dog’s teeth free of tartar and dental plaque.
Raw Hide Dog Chews
Crunchy Munchy Discover our products

Crunchy Munchy Sticks have always been a doggie favourite. The long-lasting chews are great for teeth and gum health. The granulated rawhide is formed into sticks to provide a quick, delicious treat that’s easier to chew than large rawhide. Give your dog something to chew on with Crunchy Munchy Sticks 5” 10 mm Assorted. This delicious mix of rawhide chews help reduce boredom and anxiety, as well as helping to support good dental health between brushings by removing plaque and tartar. The Crunchy Munchy Sticks 10” 20 mm Natural are durable dog chews that will give your furry friend hours of chew time. These all-natural, 100% digestible dog snacks contain zero additives and are a healthy option for dogs of all ages and sizes. The larger sticks are especially suitable for the aggressive chewers.
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